Clear the cache of your web browser. In the first versions of cabinetCreator (05.2019-05.2020) the tapio log-in procedure was not yet used. The web browser saves the log-in procedure.

To do this, navigate to the step in the configurator in which the element was created (e.g. FRONTS). Use the mouse to mark the part you want to remove. In the left-hand graphic area you will find some control elements. Now select the wastebasket symbol and delete the component. Alternatively you can use the arrow buttons to undo the last steps.

Yes, this is possible. In the CARCASE settings, you can select a row of drill holes in the "Side Panels" component. You create the drill group for shelves directly at the shelf in the INTERIOR step in the connector settings area.

The insertion of equipment elements and fronts is based on the so-called zones in the cabinet. An inserted middle side divides the cabinet into two zones. This means that the order of the inserted elements plays a decisive role. Each zone can now be assigned a separate back panel.

Yes, this is possible. This function is needed, e.g. when configuring a cabinet with a fixed construction shelf. The shelf divides the cabinet into two zones. If you want to create a continuous door over both zones, you can select both zones by holding down the SHIFT key. A door will then be created over both zones.

The 2D/3D display shows the joint pattern only schematically. The display can be adapted with the settings for the front impact. However, only the joint pattern from the design parameters in the MAIN SETTINGS is effective for data generation.

Tip: You can create a realistic view in the graphic using the "3D Preview". The real joint pattern is displayed here.



During the download, order and production data is generated in the background. This includes parts lists, CNC programs, dimensioned individual part drawings and a 3D view. This can take several minutes depending on the order size. After successful generation, a ZIP file is created which is automatically downloaded by your web browser. If you encounter problems during this process, please check the pop-up blocker settings of your web browser. It may happen that the download is prevented. Set your web browser to allow downloading via cabinetCreator.