Boards and edge materials

In the cabinetCreator, you can define the panel material as well as the edge material and edging for each component. There are two options available:

1. Material library of the cabinetCreator

You select a material type and texture from the library. The texture is then displayed in cabinetCreator on the cabinet. In the parts list, fixed material codes are written, for example EG_W908, iX_UNI_White_G etc.

2. Specification of an own material code

If you want to use your own material code, you can enter it in the field provided. This material is then listed accordingly in the parts list and can be used for further processes, such as cutting.

NOTE: As soon as you enter your own material code, the texture will automatically be set to "Special". The color of the texture is always white. A combination of the cabinetCreator internal texture and an individual material code is not possible.