Fitting selection

The cabinetCreator contains a large catalogue of commercially available fittings and connectors from the following manufacturers:

  • Blum
  • Grass
  • Häfele
  • Hettich
  • Lamello

The data is provided via the iFurn platform. More information is available at:

The connectors from Lamello (Clamex, Cabineo) are controlled via woodWOP components, which we provide here for free download (info box on the right). After downloading, unzip the folder and save the component in the woodWOP ml4 directory.

In cabinetCreator, you can decide whether or not to use fittings for the respective situation (e.g. cabinet connectors, door hinges or drawer pull-outs). If fittings are used, the necessary processing is generated in the MPR program. In addition, a parts list for the fittings is created during data output.

One reason for not selecting fittings could be that you use fittings from other manufacturers or use special fittings. In this case, you can create these connectors as woodWOP components, for example, and assign them to the relevant MPR files directly in woodWOP afterwards.

The cabinetCreator offers you three options for selecting and assigning the fittings. You can set these options individually for each component:

  1. Do not set a connector
  2. Assign connector via manufacturer and article number
  3. Automatic connector selection via iFurn

The fixed assignment has the advantage that the articles can be saved immediately in the last step of the configuration. No more connector selection and assignment is necessary. This setting is recommended for fittings that are not influenced by the construction of the furniture (example: shelf supports).

However, if you always use opening furniture doors, for example, a fixed assignment makes sense here too.

NOTE: If you make a fixed assignment, e.g. for an opening door, and set another door in the Configurator that is to be opening, the fitting from the fixed assignment is still used for all doors. In this case it is definitely recommended to change the hardware selection to iFurn. The automatic connector selection recognizes the different installation situations and only suggests the suitable hinges.

In the last step of cabinet configuration, you are automatically guided to the connector selection. If all fittings are known, the cabinet is saved directly in the order. If connectors and fittings are still missing, the fitting selection starts. A preview of the cabinet is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen. Depending on the selected fitting, the relevant components are marked red there.

You now have the option of defining each fitting using the iFurn selection. You proceed as follows:

  1. Selecting the fitting
  2. Selection of the manufacturer
  3. Filling in further filter criteria if necessary
  4. Selection of the fitting 
    NOTE: Depending on the fitting, not all accessories must necessarily be selected. As soon as the minimum requirements are known, the "Copy configuration" button can be selected. For identical fittings, the previous configuration can be copied and transferred to identical fitting situations.
  5. As soon as all necessary selections have been made, the button on the bottom right changes from "Next connection" to "Save configuration".
  6. Now the article is saved in the order and the hardware selection is finished.