In addition to the design of your furniture, cabinetCreator offers the possibility to store design rules, fittings and material. In MY PROFILE, you define the default values with which cabinetCreator should work and save them as your individual presetting. You can create as many presettings as you like. You can store the following parameters individually in the profile:

  • Joint pattern/joint distance
  • Material for panels and edges
  • Furniture connectors
  • Fittings for doors
  • Design parameters for the most important components

If you would like to start with a specific configuration, click on the "Load" button and select the appropriate preset for your furniture.

Example 1:

You build kitchen base units that are always dowelled and firmly glued. The material is always chipboard (19mm, white). Instead of a continuous top shelf, cross beams are used. The doors always open and have BLUM fittings.

Example 2:

You also build bedroom cupboards, which are designed to be dismountable due to their size. Connectors are dowels and eccentric connectors. The back wall is always grooved. The door fittings should only be determined individually depending on the stop situation during configuration.