Connection status

In the HOMAG CUBE, an LED band has been integrated behind the HOMAG logo to indicate the current status of the HOMAG CUBE by means of different color signals.

Image-No. Colour Status Information
1. white/comet tail Start process The HOMAG CUBE starts. This process can take 1-2 minutes. Wait a short time. At the end the CUBE should shine blue.
2. white/blinking No connection to the Internet The HOMAG CUBE can not connect to the Internet. Please check whether the LAN plug is plugged into the correct socket and whether the network requirements are met.
3. yellow-blue/static Active serviceRemote connection The HOMAG CUBE has established a serviceRemote connection to the HOMAG remote service server for servicing. You can activate and deactivate this connection yourself using the button on the CUBE. This connection is only active if it is activated by you.
4. yellow/blinking HOMAG CUBE error Error in HOMAG CUBE. Go in your computer in the browser under and select your CUBE under "Shopfloor". In the diagnosis page you can now see what the problem is.
5. white-blue/blinking HOMAG CUBE onboarding HOMAG CUBE is connected. It must be configured in the app. To do this, click on the gear wheel (or the configuration button) in the app (productionAssist, materialAssist) and complete the required data.
6. light blue-blue/static SSH service active (interface to PC Command) The HOMAG CUBE has an SSH connection activated. This allows you to connect to a PC via command line directly with the CUBE. This connection is disabled by default and can be activated and deactivated by you with the button on the CUBE.
7. blue/blinking Information available The CUBE works normally. But there is some information available (e.g. new update available). Enter the address in the browser on your PC and select your CUBE under "Shopfloor". There you will see which new information is available.
8. blue/static Connected and ready for operation Your HOMAG CUBE is ready for operation!