Chosing a solution

No time to read? Then take a look at our video for the interpretation of the optimization results:

intelliDivide Tutorial: Interpreting the optimization results

Several optimization algorithms simultaneously calculate a large number of variants to determine optimal cutting plans. The best possible solutions are displayed as the result. Now simply select your solution according to your current requirements from the Balanced Solution (1) or the Alternatives (2).

intelliDivide compares the different optimization results in an overview. The color coding of the individual key figures according to the traffic light principle simplifies the decision. If all key figures are "green", the recommended solution can be used directly without further analysis.

If some of the key figures are yellow or red, it may be worthwhile to compare the solutions more closely in the detailed view.

In order to be able to quickly identify possible alternatives, three key figures are shown in each case in comparison with the recommended solution. The first two indicators show why it may be worth taking a look. The third indicator shows why the solution was not recommended.

With a click on Accept alternative (3) a variant can be selected for production.