Add a material type

Selection from catalog

Hinzufügen eines Materialtyps

Adding a material type

The Add type button opens the material type catalog.


Material type catalog

The catalog contains a variety of common material types. The filter function facilitates navigation, e.g. by selecting a material category.

If the type you are looking for exists in the catalog, you can transfer the data by clicking on the entry (1). Otherwise, it is also possible to create a new type by clicking on Material not found in catalog? (2).

Übernahme Typdaten

Taking over data type

Depending on the material type, different data can be stored.

Duplicate an entry

By clicking Copy in the list or detail view, you can easily add another material type to an existing one.

This is useful if, e.g., another board format needs to be added.

Editieren der kopierten Daten

Editing the copied data

The data of the copied type is imported and can be adjusted manually. The properties that must be unique (such as the board code) are automatically appended with "-copy".

Note: It is recommended that the material and board codes for board materials or the edgecode for edge materials are always set up in the same way according to a certain pattern. This significantly simplifies the creation and retrieval of a material in daily use.