What requirements do I need for the Sorting Production Set? What do I need to prepare?

  • You need a tablet to operate the app at the sorting rack. You can see here if your device is suitable.
  • Near the sorting rack you need an internet connection (LAN socket) to connect the HOMAG CUBE to the internet.
  • For the tablet you need WLAN in the area of the edgeband rack.
  • You need a 110V or 230V power connection with a multiple socket (at least 4 sockets).
  • You can request a quotation for the Sorting Production Set from the HOMAG eShop.
  • You can build the tablet holder yourself to mount the tablet to your sorting rack. You can find the construction plans here.
  • You also need a tapio account to unlock your licenses. You can see how to proceed in the registration section.