No data

No machines are displayed

If no machines are displayed in the app yet, please proceed as follows: 

  1. First check the requirements to see if your machine is compatible or can be retrofitted.
  2. You need one license per machine. You can purchase licenses for productionAnalyzer in the tapio store
  3. Register your machine in tapio.
  4. Assign the license in tapio to the corresponding machine.
  5. Within 4 hours your machine should be displayed in productionAnalyzer. 


The machine displays "no data available"

A newly added machine

A newly added machine

Situation Possible cause Action
The machine was newly added. It can take up to four hours to display the data. Please check again later whether the data is displayed.
The machine does not show any data even after a long time. The machine is not correctly connected to tapio. Try to access the machine with another app (e.g. machineBoard).
The machine displays data on the machineBoard. The machine does not meet the requirements. Please check the prerequisites.

The data of the machines are not up-to-date

The data is always collected in small packets and then sent to the cloud to save data volume and thus reduce the load on networks. As a rule, the delay should not exceed 1-2 hours.