Processing an order

In the order details you will find the cutting patterns and the production list.

At the top of the app view you will find important data about the opened job in the overview:

  • Odername
  • Number of components
  • Number of needed boards
  • Status

Choosing a cutting plan

Under the cutting plans tab, the plans to be edited are displayed graphically.

Board information is displayed for each plan. If the data has been stored in the materialManager, the decor is also displayed.

You can narrow down the displayed plans using filters, e.g., according to the used material and the processing status.

This could have practical relevance for you, e.g., if the boards are in a commissioning set by your supplier that you want/must follow.

To start editing, select a plan. Here you can deviate from the order suggested by the intelliDivide optimization software.

Editing a cutting pattern

At the top of the cutting pattern view you will find the most important data for editing in the overview:

  • Board name
  • Board size
  • Saw blade cutting width
  • Processing status

The parts in the cutting pattern are marked in different colors: 

  • Gray: Parts that have already been sawn
  • Light blue: Part that the app suggests as the next part to be sawn
  • Dark blue: All parts that still need to be sawn
  • Dark gray: Offcuts that cannot be used

The individual cutting patterns are interactive. Automatically, the next part to be sawn is highlighted in light blue on the cutting pattern. If you want to cut another part next, you can simply select it by clicking on it and thus change the order. Generally, the currently selected part is shown on the right side of the view – including the most important information. If you click on the part again, you will get more detailed information.

If you have cut a part to size, simply confirm this step by clicking on the Label / Confirm & Next button.

This will automatically print the label for the component you just produced and mark the next component to be produced in the cutting plan.

Alternatively, by clicking the Confirm & Continue button, you can confirm the completion of the selected part without printing a label.

After cutting the last component in the plan, the next plan will be automatically displayed after confirmation. If all plans have been cut, the system automatically switches to the order overview to continue with the selection of the next order.

As an alternative to the plan view, a cutting list is also available.

In this, the labels can be printed for all components at once and the completion can be confirmed.