Machine Parameters Nesting

For the correct calculation of plans a description of the machine to be used is necessary.

In the Machine parameters dialog box, parameters can be set for offcut processing and, if necessary, offcut shredding. You can store the feed rate, the tool number and the milling depth of the tool in mm.

With the Reduce offcuts option, the offcuts can be shredded according to the set values. In addition to the feed rate, grid width and tool number, you can also set the grid width in mm here.


Under the Offcut sizes tab in the Machine parameters dialog, the minimum sizes of the manual offcuts sizes (minimum length, minimum width and minimum usable area) can be stored. Here, too, the software suggests default values that can be changed.


Under the Global variables tab the global variable table (wwglob.var) of woodWOP can be uploaded. Thus, intelliDivide knows the woodWOP variables when optimizing and generating the nesting pattern and can integrate them into the result file.

Under the ml4 folder tab, the ml directory with the woodWOP components can be uploaded. This way, intelliDivide knows the woodWOP components when optimizing and generating the nesting plan and can integrate them into the result file.

If you use woodWOP components and do not want to upload the ml4 folder, each component must be embedded in the MPR(X) file.