Mounting dimensions of the components

If you want to integrate the components CUBE, LED Box and LED Strip into an existing rack, you need the installation dimensions. This also applies if you want to design your own rack instead of using the suggested construction plans.

For this purpose we provide the following data for download:

  •  Drawing HOMAG CUBE with drilling/milling pattern for installation in a panel or door.
  •  Drawing LED Box with connections.
  •  Drawing LED strips.

How to assemble the components:


  •  Install in panel or door with drilling/milling pattern.
  •  Hang on metal surfaces with built-in magnets.
  •  Hang on screws with recesses on the back.

LED Strips

  •  With magnetic strip on backside on metal surfaces.
  •  Screw the supplied metal strip into the groove or onto the surface. The magnetic strip on the back of the LED strip will stick to it.