The list view gives you an overview of the material stock. For edgebands, e.g., the number of all coils (1) as well as the total length (2) per type are displayed in each case.

With boards you can view the number of boards (1), allocated boards (2), and available boards (3).  You can also check if the amount of boards is below the desired minimum number of boards with the column "insufficient inventory" in the materialManager

The corresponding columns can be added with the table configuration. 

Inventory and storage minimum 

In the detailed view in the Storage tab, further information such as the storage location and the creation date are available. 

You can store and remove material using the materialAssist app.

Using the button edit (3) and navigating to the materials management tab, you can define the minimum storage needed for this board type. Additionally, in this dialog you find the selection options for the optimization with intelliDivide

Selecting the required minimum storage number of material

Selecting the required minimum storage number of material

For example, use the filter settings to display all material types (here board types) falling below the minimum storage for the next material ordering. 



In the Allocations tab of the material's detail view you can see all allocations, which were created by productionAssist. If a production order is started within productionAssist with this material type, the corresponding allocation is removed and the available amount of this material (here boards) is reduced automatically in materialManager by the required number of material (here boards). 



Allocations for this material

Allocations for this material

Note: Allocations can be removed manually by deleting the corresponding production order in productionAssist Cutting.


Available material 

The column Available gives you an overview of the amount of material (here boards) available in storage which are not allocated by previously created production orders.


Overview of board availability

Overview of board availability

Board availability information is also used by the cutting optimization  intelliDivide.