intelliDivide is a browser application for use on PC or laptop.


Chrome (recommended), Firefox and Edge

Internet access

Recommendation 50 Mbit/s or faster, al least 16 Mbit/s

intelliDivide Cutting (sawing)

Full functionality for tapio ready saws.

powerControl V2
powerTouch V2.1
Panel saws with CADmatic 5.2

Can be used with functional restrictions for all (also manual) saws.

e.g. download SAW file from CADmatic 3 Revision 027 (from approx. year of production 2007).

intelliDivide Nesting (CNC machines)

Can be used in conjunction with all HOMAG nesting machines.

Can be used in conjunction with productionAssist Nesting for entry-level machines without integrated label printer.