intelliDivide is a browser application for use on PC or laptop.


Chrome (recommended), Firefox and Edge

Internet access

Recommendation 50 Mbit/s or faster, al least 16 Mbit/s

intelliDivide Cutting (sawing)

  • Full functionality for tapio ready saws (powerControl V2, powerTouch V2.1)
  • Panel saws with CADmatic 4, CADmatic 5
  • Panel saws with CADmatic 3 (system requirement: Windows)
  • Can be used with functional restrictions for all (also manual) saws.

intelliDivide Nesting (CNC machines)

  • Can be used in conjunction with all HOMAG nesting machines.
  • Can be used in conjunction with productionAssist Nesting for entry-level machines without integrated label printer.