Your digital assistance around the sorting process.

The workflow in the workshop:

Explanation Video: How the sorting assistant from HOMAG works

  1. In order to be able to use the Sorting Production Set optimally, you need two apps: the "productionManager" (digital job folder) and the productionAssist Sorting (production assistant for sorting parts in the workshop) as well as a sorting rack. First you import your production data into the "productionManager".
  2. During the production of your furniture you now have all the necessary information for each part available in your digital job folder and always have an overview of the status of all your orders.
  3. After processing the individual parts, productionAssist Sorting and the Sorting rack support you in preparing the parts for assembly in the bank room. Simply scan the barcode on the part and you will get a suggestion in which rack compartment to sort the first part. Part allocation can be done manually or by scanning the compartment barcode (possible with scanner glove). Then you sort all finished parts systematically (by order item/articles) into the rack. The app "productionAssist Sorting" displays the sorted parts per article and compartment. At the same time, an LED display on the rack provides support during sorting and removal.
  4. If all parts of a piece of furniture are complete, this is confirmed by the LED display on the rack. At the same time you can display the missing parts for each order at any time in the app.

The result: You maintain an overview of all parts and your furniture is optimally prepared for assembly in the bank room.