There are no license fees for the use of productionManager in the Classic version. 
A license can be purchased in the tapio store. This requires a registration with tapio. 

The HOMAG productionManager Classic includes the following software components

  • 1 x productionManager Classic (subscription license)
  • 1 x productionAssist Feedback (workstation license)


You can choose between a month and a year (12 months for the price of 10).

License Running costs 
productionManager Classic 0,00 €
1 x productionAssist Feedback incl. in in the productionManager Classic version. 


Additional productionAssist Feedback licenses can be added optionally for a fee.

License Running costs 

Each additional license productionAssist Feedback

10,00 € / month

100,00 € / year (8,33 € / month)

Additional optional licenses can be added for a fee.

License Running costs 

iX Connect productionManager

55,00 € / month

550,00 € / year (45,83 € / month)


Use as needed

The costs apply regardless of the amount of users. All contracts can be cancelled up to 3 days before automatic renewal. Otherwise, they are automatically extended by the booked term.