Various details and additional information can be stored for each board type. By clicking in the row of a board type, you will get to the following view.

A field is displayed only if information is available.


Board type

By clicking on the "Edit" icon at the end of the row of a board type, you will get to the following view. In this view you can add or correct information.


Plattentyp Details

Details board type


Several similar board types can be combined into a group by using the material code. These are interchangeable and usually only differ in terms of length, width and, if applicable, the manufacturer.

Feature Example Description
Materialcode MDF-19-BEECH Reference for accessing the material in other applications (e.g. intelliDivide)
Category Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) Category for identifying the machining parameters (e.g. tooth feed rate).
Coating Melamine Important information for the processing parameters (e.g. saw blade projection)
Thickness (mm) 19  

The material code is used as a reference in many applications (e.g. intelliDivide, productionManager). Therefore, it is often constructed according to the {category}-{thickness}-{color} scheme.

Note: Do not use special characters (, ; " | ~) when creating the material code. Especially when exchanging data with other programs based on a CSV file, problems may occur otherwise.

Board type

Feature Example
Board code MDF-19-BEECH-2800x2070
Length (mm) 2800
Width (mm) 2070
Grain Longitudinal
Costs (€ / m²) 10,5 

The board code is often constructed according to the scheme MaterialCode}-{length x width}. Do not assign a board code twice. 

Tip: In our sample data exel file in the secion import material types, you will find an excel file in the zip-folder which includes a formular to calculate the board code automatically. 

The dimensions of the standard sizes are often abbreviated.

Size Dimensions Abbreviation
Half size 2800mm x 2070mm HF
Full size 5600mm x 2070mm VF

Offcuts are usually preceded by an "X" in the board code. As a result, a separate board code is usually assigned for each offcut, since the dimensions differ.

The dimensions unit as well as the currency can be adjusted in the configuration.

The grain of the board determines the direction in which the parts can be placed in the panel for the cutting plan optimization.

The costs are considered in the intelliDivide optimization software when calculating the cutting plans. For high-quality material, solutions with low waste are preferred. With inexpensive material, the focus is on production speed.


Feature Example
Manufacturer e.g. SwissKrono, Egger, Kaindl, Pfleiderer a.o.
Decor name e.g. Gladstone Eiche sandbeige
Product name e.g.. Gladstone Eiche
Decor code H3309 ST28
Part number supplier-specific, e.g. 90023349192813

The manufacturer information can be used for ordering the material. The deposit of the data is optional.

Additional data

Plattentyp Zusatzdaten

Additional data board type

Feature Example
Decor Decor picture of the material
Remarks Example of remarks: Scratch sensitive surface, ordered for commission Müller, matching edge band: 046.1297. ABS edge Gladstone Oak Sand wood grain

The decor is displayed in many applications and on machines. The display enables a quick comparison of the order with the material at hand. Mixing up of materials is thus prevented.

The operator receives a note when processing the material. The field can also be used for further processing information.

Note: When searching in the application, the field is also taken into account.

In addition, further documents (e.g. technical data sheets) can be stored in the app as additional information.