Mounting on the saw

Mounting the productionRack Cutting on the saw

The construction plans for the mount consist of three parts: 

  • Carcase for HOMAG CUBE and label printer
  • Mounting bracket for catilever arm
  • Tablet holder (self-made)

How to mount the holder on different types of saws:

  • Sliding table saw without operator terminal (image 1-3): Screw the mounting bracket to the cantilever arm for the dust extraction. Mount the carcase to the mounting bracket and screw the tablet holder to the carcase.
  • Sliding table saw with operating terminal (image 4-6): Screw the mounting bracket to the catilever arm for the dust extraction. Mount the carcase for the printer on mounting bracket next to the terminal. If necessary, mount the tablet holder on the other side of the terminal or use an existing tablet holder.
  • Vertical panel saw: Screw the carcase to the tablet holder and hang the carcase near the saw on the wall.