First Steps

Our nesting assistant supports you in labeling the nesting parts and in optimizing your nesting plans. This digital assistant can be used in conjunction with HOMAG nesting machines - regardless of type and age.

Scope of delivery

The following components are included in the delivery:

  • Four apps: intelliDivide Nesting (Nesting optimization), productionAssist Nesting (Assistant for labeling nesting parts), materialManager (central material management) & materialAssist Boards (board management in the workshop)
  • Label printer (Zebra GK420D) incl. 2 label rolls
  • HOMAG CUBE (Intelligent control box to connect the printer to the Internet and Apps)
  • Installation guide #BuildYourSolution
  • Install the individual components of your product set as described in the operating instructions and start the installation.

We unpack! The Nesting Assistant ("Nesting Production Set") consists of the same elements as the Cutting Assistant for the saw ("Cutting Production Set")

Technical requirements

What requirements do you need for the Nesting Production Set? You should prepare this.

  • Make a request to order the Nesting Production Set in the HOMAG eShop.
  • Tablet: You use the tablet to operate the app that you use to label the parts. You can see here whether your device is suitable.
  • LAN socket: You need an Internet connection (LAN socket) near the nesting machine to connect the HOMAG CUBE and thus the label printer to the Internet. 
  • WLAN: Make sure that a WLAN is available in the area of the nesting machine. You will need this to use the app on the tablet.
  • 230V power connection: Connect a multiple socket with at least 4 connections to your power connection (230V).
  • Rack for tablet and label printer: You can build this device yourself for placing the tablet and printer near your nesting machine.
Nesting Production Set.

Nesting Production Set.

What the Nesting Assist does

Nesting Production Set