Cross linking

HOMAG's digital products simplify processes from work preparation to production and beyond to assembly. Each product provides support in a very specific application. The networking of the products with each other simplifies collaboration along the entire value chain. For example, productionAssist Cutting reports the respective status of a part to productionManager. The productionManager accesses the material management system, the materialManager, to query the material inventory. The cutting optimization intelliDivide sends cutting plans directly to a saw or to productionAssist Cutting.

Interfaces are available to enable the networking of HOMAG's digital products with other applications such as industry solutions, ERP and CAD/CAM systems. A steadily growing number of partners have already integrated these into their products. For example, it is possible to send an order to productionManager directly from the CAD/CAM system smartWOP.

The HOMAG File Agent can be used for simple exchange using files (Excel, CSV, etc.). This can monitor directories. For example, as soon as a parts list has been exported from an upstream system, it can be automatically imported into productionManager.