Edit a material type

The master data for materials can be edited individually, in a group and in a list.

Edit a type

Open the Edit dialog in the list view and in the detail view. The data to be stored here differs depending on the material type.

Edit a material group

In the list view of the boards (e.g.) , you can open the editing dialog by clicking the Edit button at the group level.

Bearbeiten einer Materialgruppe

Editing a material group

Bearbeiten der gemeinsamen Eigenschaften einer Materialgruppe

Editing the common properties of a group of materials

Here you can edit the common properties of the materials in a group of boards. These are applied to all subordinate elements.

Edit a list

Wechsel in die Ansicht "Bearbeiten"

Switching to the "Edit" view

In the list view you can switch to the edit view using the Edit button.

Bearbeiten der Stammdaten in einer Liste

Editing the master data in a list

Ypu can edit the properties directly in the spreadsheet (comparable to editing in Excel). The view is particularly useful for transferring data from other sources using "Copy & Paste" and for simultaneous editing of multiple entries. Details can be found in the section Edit grid.

Errors and warnings are highlighted by coloring the row (1) and marking the column (2) and cell. In case of errors, the view can be closed, but information with errors will not be displayed in the list view and will not be available to other applications.

Changes in the list are automatically saved and directly effect all other applications.

Click on Exit Editing to switch back to the list view.

Note: This view is very suitable for initial creation and simultaneous editing of many materials.