Removing parts

For assembly, all components of a piece of furniture or an order item must be complete. In the Remove view, all components are listed that have been placed in storage and are therefore available for assembly. The productionAssist Sorting app displays the sorted parts per article and compartment. At the same time, an LED display on the rack provides support during picking.

Note: At the same time, you can display the missing parts for each order item in the app at any time. To do this, simply click on the line of a component.

To see at a glance which furniture is complete, the Remove view is grouped by sales order (1) and within a sales order by order item (2). The bracket behind a sales order or behind an order item indicates how many components belong to it in each case – regardless of whether they have already been put away or not. 

The sorting status (3) and the sorting quantity (4) indicate whether the putaway is complete. If all components have been put away, the associated order item receives the status "Returned to storage".

Filtering and sorting functions allow the right furniture to be found quickly.

To start removing, first select (1) a sales order, an order item or one or more components. The LEDs of the compartments now light up blue and show you where the components are located.

You can now remove part by part by scanning the QR code of each part (1) with the connected Bluetooth scanner or tablet camera. Alternatively, you can click the Remove article from storage button (2). 

Note: You do not need to mark the components for removing, but can scan the QR code of a component immediately.

If you select the option Remove article from storage (2), a list of all components to be removed will be displayed. The storage location (1) is listed for each component and the components can be removed individually using the Confirm button (2) or by scanning (3) the QR code of a component. With the button Confirm all parts (4) all components are confirmed.

The list of parts to be removed is reduced by the confirmed part. The remaining parts remain listed.