Various details and additional information can be saved for each edgeband type. By clicking into the row of an edgeband type you will reach the following view.

A field is displayed only if information is available.

By clicking on the "Edit" icon at the end of the row of an edgeband type, you will reach the following view. In this view you can add or correct information.


Kantenband Details

Edgeband details

Edgeband type

Feature Example
Edge code e.g. ABS_GladstoneOak_23x2
Height (mm) 23
Thickness (mm) 2
Standard length (m) 150

The edge code is used as a reference in many applications (e.g. intelliDivide, productionManager). It is therefore often constructed according to the scheme {material}-{color}-{heightxthickness}.

The standard length is automatically taken over and used in the app materialAssist Edge on your tablet in the workshop when a new edgeband is stored.

Note: when creating the edge codes, do not use special characters (, ; " | ~). Especially when exchanging data with other programs based on a CSV file, problems may occur otherwise.


Feature Example
Material ABS
Process Hot melt glue
laserTec (J/cm²) 26
airTec (bar) 4



Feature Example
Manufacturer e.g. Rehau, Dölken a.o.
Decor name e.g. edge decor
Product name e.g. RAUKANTEX
Decor code e.g. 2205W
Embossing e.g. 08
Part number supplier specific e.g. 90023349192813

The manufacturer information can be used for ordering the material. The saving of the data is optional.

Additional data

Kantenband Zusatzdaten

Additional data edgeband

Feature Example
Decor Decor picture
Remarks Example for remarks:
Scrach sensitive surfaces, ordered for commission Müller, suitable for panel material: Egger GladstoneOak sandbeige H3309 ST28

The decor is displayed in many applications and on machines. The display enables a quick comparison of the order with the material at hand. A mix-up of materials is thus prevented.

The operator receives a notice when processing the material. The field can also be used for further processing information.

Note: When searching in the application, the field is also taken into account.

In addition, further documents (e.g. technical data sheets) can be stored as additional information.