serviceAssist is a browser-based web application. You can use the app in all common and current browsers.

The app is available in many regions and languages worldwide.

serviceAssist Classic

  tapio-ready older machines
Maintenance overview  
Remote diagnostics history (technology-dependent)
Spare parts history
Machine documentation

serviceAssist Advanced

The following HOMAG machines are supported:

  • SORTBOT R-300 (RKT100)

  • PAQTEQ C-250 (VKS200, VKS250)

  • CABTEQ T-200 (MDE120)

  • CABTEQ T-250 (MDE160)

  • STORETEQ S-200 (TLF212)

  • CENTATEQ P/E-300 (BMG311, BMG312)

  • CENTATEQ P/E-310 (BMG310)

  • CENTATEQ P-500 (BMG511, BMG512)

  • CENTATEQ P-600 (BMG611)

  • CENTATEQ S-800 (BMB8xx)

  • CENTATEQ S-900 (BMB9xx)

  • EDGETEQ S-380 (KDF4xx, KDF6xx, KDN4xx, KDN6xx)

  • SAWTEQ B-300 (HPP300)

  • SAWTEQ B-400 (HPP400)

  • SAWTEQ B-500 (HPP500)

  • WALLTEQ M-120 (WMS060)

The machines must be tapio-ready, registered on tapio and connected.

We would also be happy to check the compatibility in advance. Please send us a short e-mail with the machine numbers.