serviceAssist is a browser-based web application. You can use the app in all common and current browsers.

The app is available in many regions and languages worldwide.

serviceAssist Classic

serviceAssist Classic can be used with tapio-ready and older, non-tapio-ready machines.

serviceAssist Advanced

The following HOMAG machines are supported:

  • SORTBOT R-300 (RKT100)

  • PAQTEQ C-250 (VKS200, VKS250)

  • CABTEQ T-200 (MDE120)

  • CABTEQ T-250 (MDE160)

  • STORETEQ S-200 (TLF212)

  • CENTATEQ P/E-300 (BMG311, BMG312)

  • CENTATEQ P/E-310 (BMG310)

  • CENTATEQ P-500 (BMG511, BMG512)

  • CENTATEQ P-600 (BMG611)

  • CENTATEQ S-800 (BMB8xx)

  • CENTATEQ S-900 (BMB9xx)

  • EDGETEQ S-380 (KDF4xx, KDF6xx, KDN4xx, KDN6xx)

  • SAWTEQ B-300 (HPP300)

  • SAWTEQ B-400 (HPP400)

  • SAWTEQ B-500 (HPP500)

  • WALLTEQ M-120 (WMS060)

The machines must be tapio-ready, registered on tapio and connected.

We would also be happy to check the compatibility in advance. Please send us a short e-mail with the machine numbers.