Using the results

The selected solution can be used depending on the existing machine, its software version and its connection to tapio.

Cutting plans can be transferred to a saw either directly or via a directory share. They can also be printed or used in productionAssist Cutting.

Nesting plans can also be transferred to a CNC machine via a directory share or used in productionAssist Nesting.

intelliDivide Nesting

Send (productionAssist)

Transfer to productionAssist Nesting

Download (ZIP)

Transfer to a HOMAG nesting machine via a directory share

intelliDivide Cutting

Send (productionAssist)

Transfer to productionAssist Cuttting

Send (maschine)

Transfer to a HOMAG panel-sizing saw connected to tapio (CADmatic 5.2 or greater required)

Download (SAW)

Transfer to a HOMAG panel-sizing saw via a directory share (from CADmatic 4.1 or greater required)

Download (PTX)

Transfer to any saw that can interpret the standardized PTX format

Download (PDF)

Printout of cutting plans for processing on a manual saw

Transferring to a saw

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intelliDivide Tutorial: Transferring the optimization result to your saw

After selecting the desired solution, the SAW file of the solution can be transferred to the saw by pressing the "Download (SAW)" button.

Select the network drive directory of the saw in the file dialog.

Save the SAW file in it.

The network drive directory and also the setting whether the SAW file should be automatically converted by the saw are stored in the saw's installation parameters.

After the saw has automatically loaded the SAW file, the data is available for production in the run overview of the saw.

In addition to automatic conversion of the SAW file by the saw, SAW data can also be converted manually via the file management.

Transferring to a nesting machine

After selecting the desired solution, the solution can be downloaded as a compressed ZIP file by clicking the Download button.

After unpacking the ZIP file, the MPR(X) programs can be saved to the machine or to a connected network drive.

In the machine assignment, the program is loaded and placed on the desired workstation.

Sending to productionAssist Cutting / Nesting

If you use productionAssist Cutting in your company, you can send the optimization results directly to the app.

The result is displayed in the overview.

The productionAssist Cutting / Nesting guides you through the processing. A label can be printed for each cut part.

Printout of cutting plans

Click the Download (PDF) button to download the solution as a PDF document.

The file contains an overview of all cutting layouts and details of each individual cutting plan.

The file can be printed out and used, for example, to tick off the plans that have already been cut.

We recommend using productionAssist Cutting for this purpose.