The HOMAG Update Agent is software that HOMAG provides free of charge for you to download and then install software updates for your HOMAG machines. An update can contain one or more specific software and configuration data for your HOMAG machines and systems as well as for customer-specific work preparation systems. 

To be able to use the HOMAG Update Agent, an "authorization e-mail" from HOMAG is required. You will receive this from HOMAG Service Support as soon as software is available for you to download. In this e-mail you will find the download link for the Update Agent and the "access code".

Click on the link to download the Update Agent. Enter the "access code" in the field provided. You can then click to download the update (package) provided for you and then install it on your machines and systems or work preparation systems together with our service staff.

For further details, please refer to the instruction manual.