First Steps

Our sorting assistant supports you with the sorting of components in the workshop. So you always have an overview of which furniture parts have already been processed and which are complete for assembly, packaging or further processing. You can use the sorting assistant with or without LED strips and adapt the sorting rack in terms of equipment and size.

Scope of delivery

The following components are included in delivery:

  • Two apps: "productionAssist Sorting" (workplace for sorting in production) & "productionManager" (digital job folder for using in the work preparation)
  • Construction set for the "productionRack Sorting" sorting rack, available free to download. You can customize the construction plans for your workshop.
  • HOMAG CUBE (intelligent control box for connecting the rack to the Internet and the apps)
  • Installation Guide #BuildYourSolution
  • LED strips: You can add LED strips of different lengths to the set.
    • The LED strips are available in lengths of 2000 mm, 1400 mm, 500 mm and 160 mm and can be combined up to a total length of 6000 mm.
    • To use the LED strips, you need an LED control box. You can connect up to 4 LED strips with a total length of 6000 mm each per LED control box.

Install the individual components of your product set as described in the operating instructions and start commissioning. Learn more about the hardware requirements!

NOTE: You can also sort and digitally record the parts in your workshop without a rack and LED strips: Simply use the app bundle consisting of "productionAssist Sorting" (workstation for sorting in production) & "productionManager" (digital job folder for work preparation).


We unpack! This is the sorting assistant ("Sorting Production Set")

Technical requirements

What requirements do I need for the Sorting Production Set? What do I need to prepare?

  • You need a tablet to operate the app at the sorting rack. You can see here if your device is suitable.
  • Near the sorting rack you need an internet connection (LAN socket) to connect the HOMAG CUBE and therefore the label printer to the internet.
  • For the tablet you need WLAN in the area of the sorting rack.
  • You need a 230V power connection with a multiple socket (at least 4 sockets).
  • You can request a quotation for the Sorting Production Set from the HOMAG eShop.
  • You can build the tablet holder yourself to mount the tablet to your sorting rack. You can find the construction plans here.
  • You also need a tapio account to unlock your licenses. You can see how to proceed in the registration section.
Sorting Production Set.

Sorting Production Set.

What the sorting assistant does

Sorting Production Set