Network requirements

Is a firewall active in your network? If so, please check the following network requirements with your network administrator:

  • Please activate DHCP server - for automatic network integration (IP address assignment for the CUBE)
  • Please release port 443 towards the Internet
  • Please enable the NTP protocol (UDP port 123) towards the Internet - for time synchronization

Internet Settings 

Port Protocol Protocol Name Description
123 UDP NTP Access to the time server the dhcp server provides - without NTP no secure connections can be established because certificates can not be validated
53 UDP DNS DNS Responses
443 TCP HTTPS Connection to tapio cloud and HOMAG Services.
13 ICMP ICMP Outgoing pings are required for checking the connection to the tapio cloud.

Internal network settings

Port Protocol Protocol Name Description
45001 TCP HTTP IoT CUBE diagnostics page
5555 TCP HTTP Cloud-Connector diagnostics page
5353 UDP mDNS Multicast dns service to provide its name / services
5355 UDP mDNS Link Multicast Name Resolution LLMNR
13 ICMP ICMP Incoming pings to check if the CUBE is online - Attention: Only one ping per second is allowed!
22 TCP SSH The ssh daemon is deactivated by default and needs to be activated manually using the diagnostics webinterface. In cases of local and remote servicing the service stuff can activate the feature manually. If the ssh daemon is activated the status is shown in the diagnostics webinterface.