Nesting Production Set Classic

License fees apply for the use of our nesting assistant. Simply select the pricing model that specifically fits your application purpose. 
With any pricing model, you can test all apps free of charge for 30 days before booking. 
With each price model you can test all apps 30 days before for free. A license can be purchased in the tapio store. This requires a registration at tapio.


When you purchase the Nesting Production Set, you pay a one-time package price. This includes individual hardware components and the use of the included apps for one year. From the 13th month, the term can be extended - chosen on a monthly or annual basis (12 months for the price of 10).

From the 13th month 95 €/month or with annual payment 950 €/year
Included Apps  

(License valid per company / per subscription)

Further components
(once included in the price)

  • Label printer incl. 2 label rolls
  • HOMAG CUBE (Intelligent control box to connect the printer to the Internet and Apps)
  • Commissioning instructions #BuildYourSolution

Use as needed

All contracts can be cancelled up to 3 days before automatic renewal.



The following option can be added for a fee.

Licence Description Ongoing costs
SmartWOPConnect intelliDivide

Interface for connecting the SmartWOP CAD/CAM system with HOMAG intelliDivide

30,00 € / month
300,00 € / year (25,00 € / month)


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