Importing board materials from woodStore

With the help of the HOMAG File Agent, board materials can be imported from woodStore very easily. 

The boards and offcuts that you manage in woodStore are then directly available in materialManager, the central material management system, and in the intelliDivide optimization software.

All material data – consisting of the material master, the stock of boards and offcuts and the existing reservations - is imported from woodStore into materialManager. woodStore is the leading system here. Changes that you make in woodStore are synchronized in materialManager. Changes to board materials from woodStore that you make in materialManager are overwritten during the next synchronization.


First, the HOMAG File Agent must be installed and an authorization key generated. These steps are explained in the Overview chapter.

If you are already using the HOMAG File Agent (e.g. for processing feedback from machines), please note the following information.

Note: Only use an authorization key that you have created within the materialManager in the HOMAG File Agent woodStore license. Only then will the materialManager Boards entry be available to you as a target.

Various configurations can be made in the HOMAG File Agent. In the context of importing board materials from woodStore, the following settings must be observed: 

  • Selection of the target materialManager Boards (1)
  • Selection of the action Import via woodStore (2)
  • Selection of SQL Server authentication (3)
  • Enter the SQL server authentication of your woodStore SQL database by entering and selecting the server, user, password and database (4)
  • Optional: Check the functionality of the database connection (5)
  • Click Start to start the import. (6)

Note: After changes have been made in woodStore, the changed material data is written to the materialManager every minute.

You can add further configurations by clicking on Add directory.


The following requirements must be met to ensure that the board materials can be imported from woodStore without errors.

  • A current woodStore version 8 (2024) is required
  • Older woodStore 8 versions can be updated via service without modernization after installation effort. woodStore 8 is available since 2021.
  • Versions woodStore 6 or 7 can be updated via a modernization. Please contact your sales partner for this.


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