The productionAssist Nesting app is part of the nesting assistant "Nesting Production Set". 

Before first use, the components of the set must be launched. As soon as the commissioning is completed, the configuration of the app can be started by clicking on Configure.

After the first configuration, the "Configure" button turns into a gear wheel. Here you can make additional settings later.


The app guides you through the configuration in individual steps.

Step 1: Customize the name of the workstation

In the first step, the name of the workstation can be customized. Assigning a name that is as meaningful as possible makes it easier to select later in the overview.

Step 2: Configuration of the HOMAG CUBE

Now you connect the HOMAG CUBE to the app.

The HOMAG CUBE can be added by scanning (1) the label on the rearside. The tablet (or the bluetooth scanner connected in the previous step) can be used for this purpose.

After the HOMAG CUBE has been successfully added, select the required printer to be used at this workstation.

Step 3: Configuration of the printer

The integration of a printer is necessary for the printing of labels. The devices connected to the HOMAG CUBE are displayed for selection in the next step.

It is also possible to select a printer that is connected to another HOMAG CUBE at another workstation. Please take into account the size of the labels inserted in the device. It is possible, e.g. to use the printer of the productionAssist Cutting as well for the materialAssist Boards.

Before using the printer, it is necessary to select the label size (1) and calibrate it (2).

The printing can be verified by outputting a test label (3). The alignment can be modified, if necessary, by adjusting the spacing (4).

After setting up the printer, you can select a label design. 2 different label designs are offered in the standard.

Tip: You can upload your company logo in so that it appears on your labels.

Step 4: Completing the configuration

Once all steps have been performed, the configuration is complete and the workstation can be used.

Note: The configuration can be restarted any time by clicking on the configuration icon.