First Steps

With the materialManager, you can manage the materials in your workshop centrally in one application. Once registered, the corresponding data can be used in a variety of apps (e.g. intelliDivide cutting optimization, productionAssist Cutting assistant) and on machines (e.g. SAWTEQ panel dividing saws).

You can currently create and manage your panels and edge bands in the app materialManager and you can also see your saw blades which you created in twinio.In the future, you will also be able to add other materials. In parallel, we are working on continuously connecting further applications and machines.

With materialManager Advanced and a compatible saw, your saw automatically adjusts to the material to be processed, the saw blade used and the desired cut quality. This improves the performance and quality of your cut and prevents errors.

The materialManager is a web application. To open it, simply enter the URL in your browser bar.

On the lefthand side you find a navigation area - there you can switch between the panel and edgeband types with a single click. If you have an Advanced license of the materialManager, this area will also display Tools - "Saw Blades" and Saw Process Parameters- "Cutting". For more information, see  Adding a material type and Editing process parameters.

At the first login, the menu item Board is automatically selected. In the overview, the materialManager shows you the most important information (e.g. material or board code, thickness, length, width, grain, the cost per square meter and the category).

In the overview, a full text search for the boards is possible, as well as filtering by material and board code. As usual, the display of the list (columns, filters, sorting) can be customized.

Additional board types can be added individually using the "+ Add plate type" button and as a list using the "Edit" button.

The overview for edgebands is structured in a similar manner.

The default setting shows you values such as edge code, quantity, total length, decor name, decor code, height and thickness.

The columns "Total number" (number of edge band rolls) and "Total length" (remaining length of all edge band coils summarized) give you an overview of the inventory. 

When you open the application for the first time, no data is stored yet. Start by adding a material type.

Here you can see how to create a new edge band type in the materialManager.