Install LEDs

The following plan shows schematically how to install the LED box in your rack and connect the LED strips.

LED box

  • Place the LED box in the designated place in your shelf
  • Connect the LED-Box to the HOMAG CUBE at the LAN socket by plugging in a LAN cable (labelled "LED Box")
  • Plug the power supply unit of the LED box into a multiple socket (230 V power supply).
  • Set the toggle switch on the LED box to "On".
  • Plug the multiple socket only in step 7 in.

LED strips

  • Connect the LED strips to the LED box by routing the cables through the openings provided for this purpose
  • To plug in the LED strips, press and hold the button on the LED box socket.
  • Mount the LED strips, if necessary, by screwing the supplied metal profiles to the shelf.