Feedback of machines

The HOMAG File Agent allows you to automatically process feedback data provided at the machine and display it in the order progress area in your productionManager.

Configuration Tapio

In order to be able to process feedback from a machine in the HOMAG File Agent, the machine must first be registered in Tapio.

The machine is then assigned to the productionManager.

Machine configuration

Machines of type SAWTEQ and CENTATEQ/ DRILLTEQ are supported. On a panel saw, the feedback function "PPS feedback" or the "Production feedback for productionManager" must be available and set up. On a CNC machine, the feedback function "Production feedback for productionManager" must be available and set up.

The feedback function is a chargeable option of your machine. To purchase this option or to check if your machine already has this option, please contact your local sales and service company.

After setting up the feedback function by your local sales and service company, the machine writes feedback data as files to a drive which is monitored by the HOMAG File Agent. 


  • For CNC machines from PC85
  • For saws as of CADMatic 3.0

A check may be necessary in individual cases.

The following feedback data are required in the file: 

  • Time stamp
  • Part ID (unique workpiece identification)

For CNC machines, an extension of the MPR programs to include a comment macro as specified by HOMAG with the relevant information for the feedback is also required. The workpieces must be produced individually, for a machine type BHX500 MODE 3 "Sandwich processing" is only supported with different MPRs.

Configuration HOMAG File Agent

The directory to be monitored, in which the machine stores its feedback data, is configured in the HOMAG File Agent.

By clicking on "Add directory" you can configure as many additional machines as you like for processing feedback.