Entering of board data

The available boards and offcuts are stored in the Boards tab. These can be copied and pasted from an existing list, for example.

Using the data from the materialManager

When using the materialManager, the list of boards is automatically filled. In this case, a preview of the decor is also available. If necessary, you can update the list by clicking Refresh board list (1).

If you want to create an additional board type, you can directly navigate to the materialManager (2) using the provided link.

Note: If additional required materials were added to the list manually, they will not be available after the refreshing.

If you want to perform an optimization to determine the board requirement, store a very large number (e.g. 999) in the inventory. Later, you can take the necessary demand for the order in the Optimization solution.

Show only required materials

If you check the Only required materials box, only the materials that are required for the entered parts will be displayed.

Locking boards and offcuts for optimization

If a board or offcut type registered in the materialManager is not to be used for optimization, it can be excluded from use by the Board type locked for optimization option. This type is now no longer displayed in the list of boards in intelliDivide.

Optimization using the inventory stored in the materialAssist Boards

Optimization is performed for boards in the standard using an infinite stock (999). For offcuts, the actual number in inventory is used. A productionAssist Cutting license is a prerequisite for this.

If the board and offcut inventory is maintained via the materialAssist boards, it makes sense to use the actual inventory for optimization. To do this, you must deactivate Optimize against infinite.

If the Optimize against infinite option is selected, an infinite board inventory (999) will be used. In the other case, the existing inventory in the inventory is used.