Help Menu

Our goal is to provide you with easy-to-use and intuitive apps. However, if problems or difficulties arise, we won't let you down.

For this purpose, a help menu can be called up directly in each app via the support icon.

Depending on the app, you will be offered different menu items here:

  • Manuals
  • FAQ
  • Email to support
  • Enable support access

If a HOMAG CUBE is assigned to an app, a link to the diagnostics page of the HOMAG CUBE also appears.


This link will take you directly to the corresponding section in our online documentation.


Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about your app.

E-Mail to support

In case of an error, please send an email directly to our software support. This will help us ensure that the error is handled efficiently and in the right place immediately. Clicking on "Email to support" automatically opens an email window. All relevant data such as customer name, app and app version as well as the user are already automatically entered in the email. Add a detailed description of the error message, ideally supported by 1-2 screenshots.

If you do not have the opportunitiy to contact software support within the app, please send an email to and add your information manually.

Enable support access

This link takes you to your administrator area at My tapio. Here you can activate access to your app or web app for HOMAG service employees via the menu item "Support access". In doing so, the service employee is added to your app as a user within a time limit and can immediately support you in handling your app and your data. Select your responsible service partner and define the duration of access.


This link takes you to a diagnostic page for your HOMAG CUBE. In the "Apps" area you will find an overview of all your apps and web apps. In the "Shopfloor" area, all HOMAG CUBEs that you have assigned to your workstations are displayed. You can check the status at any time via the "Status" column.

For further diagnostics, select a HOMAG CUBE in the list. On the diagnostics page, your employee who is logged in to tapio as an administrator can additionally access the advanced diagnostics. Here, even more details can be diagnosed for the service purposes, e.g. firmware updates, CPU temperature or network settings.