License fees apply for the use of intelliOptimizer Stacking. Simply select the pricing model that specifically fits your application purpose.
With each pricing model you can test intelliOptimizer Stacking free of charge for 30 days beforehand. A license can be purchased in the tapio shop and assigned to a machine. This requires a registration with tapio.


The duration can be chosen between one month, one year (12 months for the price of 10) or 3 years.


Contract duration: 1 month 95,00 € / Machine
Contract duration: 1 year

950,00 € / Machine

(79,17 € / Month)

Contract duration: 3 year (single purchase)

2850,00 € / Machine

(79,17 € / Month)

Use as needed

All contracts can be cancelled up to 3 days before automatic renewal. However, this does not apply to single purchases.

Single Purchase

After 3 years the license expires and is not automatically renewed. Cancellation is not necessary. If you wish to continue using the product, simply purchase a license again.