Optimization solution

The most important key figures of the various optimization solutions are compared in an overview.

Überblick über verschiedene Optimierungsergebnisse

Overview of various optimization results

After clicking on the selected solution or one of the alternatives, further details are displayed.


In this tab you will find all important information about production at a glance.

Optimization solution - Production

Optimization solution - Production

On this page you will find the following information:

  • Waste + offcuts in percent
  • Plus parts
  • Parts produced per minute
  • Average cycle production time

For a better overview, the graphic to the right shows the production times of the parts in minutes per cycle. The total time of this optimization and the other optimization solutions offered can be seen in the sidebar on the left.

By scrolling down, you can see a list of the individual parts to be produced with a description, material used, board code, as well as length and width in millimeters. The numbering of the parts is sequential and has the structure X.Y, where X stands for the sequential number of the cycle and Y for the sequential number of the parts produced from this pattern.

Optimization solution - Production - Parts list

Optimization solution - Production - Parts list


Here you will find an overview of the most important data on material usage and processing. Offcuts play an important role here.

The top horizontal bar in the middle section of the diagram shows the number of panels used. Below this you can see the material costs and the panel area used. Then the balance of offcuts is shown and how many offcuts are created and how many existing offcuts can be reused during this optimization.

There are also two graphs in the middle part of the window on the right side. The graphic manual offcuts shows in which work step these offcuts occur.

Optimization solution - Material - Material list

Optimization solution - Material - Material list

In the material list, the required boards are displayed in the corresponding order.

This list can also be used to order boards.


Optimum handling depends heavily on the number of labor-intensive head cuts and recuts. In the browser window Handling you will therefore see the two important parameters displayed in graphics.

Furthermore, you will get an overview of the hand remnants that are created and used and that have to be brought or fetched to the hand remnant storage.

For machines that support automatic destacking, a stack preview is displayed.

Cutting plan / Nesting plan

In the Cutting plan or Nesting plan window, you can see in detail how the order is to be executed. You can also use the cut of the proposed optimization solutions to decide which of the calculated solutions you want to use for production.

The two graphics on the right-hand side show the number of boards and the pack height per cycle.

The average pack height is an important key figure for the utilization of the machine.

In the planning details you can see the material, the plate size, the number of plates and the number of cycles. If the material has been entered in the materialManager, an image of the decor is also displayed.

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