Optimization solution


The most important key figures of the balanced solution are shown at a glance. In the left area, the alternative solutions with the most important key figures are offered for selection. After clicking on an alternative solution you will get further details.

Overview display of the optimization solution

Overview display of the optimization solution

On this page you will find the following information:

  • Material usage
  • Production data
  • Material cost overview
  • Cutting pattern (saw) or nesting plans (CNC)

In the cutting pattern or nesting plan you can see in detail how the order is to be executed. Also on the basis of the cutting of the suggested optimization solutions you can make your decision with which of the calculated solution you want to produce.


In this overview all parts to be produced are listed. Beside the description you can see the materal code, length, width as well as the quantity per part.

Optimization solution - parts list

Optimization solution - parts list


Here you will find an overview of the most important data on material usage and processing. Depending on the content of the parts list, the following materials are displayed here:

  • Board material
  • Required offcuts
  • Edgebands
Optimization solution - material overview

Optimization solution - material overview

Key figures

In the key figures area, further details of the calculated solution are displayed. These can be used as a decision-making aid, but also to prepare the selected order for production. In the material list, for example, the required panels are displayed in the appropriate order. This list can also be used to order panels.

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