Subscribe to interfaces & options

Some of our apps and software products offer the possibility of extending their function with options or transferring data directly to other applications/systems. The data is then directly available there and can be used further. To do this, you need to subscribe to the required interface, the additional package or the desired option in the tapio store. 
Various interfaces and options are available:

  • Connect interfaces to software solutions (Borm, HOMAG iX, SmartWOP, Swood) to transfer data directly to intelliDivide or the productionManager
  • Additional packages for intelliDivide Cutting to increase the number of parts.
  • Options for the productionManager to extend the function.

You have two different options for subscribing to the interfaces, the additional packages and the options. 

Option 1: In conjunction with the purchase of an app

When purchasing the HOMAG apps, you can select the available interfaces/options directly.

  1. Add the app subscription to the shopping cart (tapio Shop)
  2. Select the desired option in the shopping cart

Option 2: Add to an existing subscription

If you already use a HOMAG app, you can add the appropriate interfaces/options with just a few clicks.

  1. Open My tapio and log in
  2. My Account | Shop
  3. Account → Subscriptions
  4. Select and change the app subscription
  5. Select the desired option

SmartWOP Connect interface