Creating an optimization

You can easily create a new optimization using the Add optimization button.

First assign a job name (1).

Then select the machine (2) and the parameter set (3).

If necessary, the machine you want to use must be added and configured first.

The application remembers the selected machine and the parameter set. The application selects these settings automatically when creating the next optimization.

In the next step, the part information can be entered. The procedure differs depending on the selected machine.

For a saw, intelliDivide Cutting allows to enter parts in the editor directly or to import a list of them.

For a CNC machine, you need to import either single MPR(X)s or a list of them.

Before starting the optimization, the available boards must be provided in the board list.

The process is started by clicking Optimize.

Depending on the number of parts and complexity, the optimization result is available after a few seconds or minutes.

Video series: Create an optimization