Connection plan

The following plan shows schematically how to connect the individual components.

HOMAG CUBE connections

  • Connect the HOMAG CUBE to the LAN socket (labelled "LAN/Internet") by plugging a LAN cable into the LAN socket.
  • If there is no LAN socket available close to the machine, we recommend the purchase of a WLAN repeater. In this case connect the WLAN repeater with the LAN cable.
  • Plug the power supply unit of the HOMAG Cube into a multiple socket (230 V power connection). 

Label printer

  • Connect the printer to a USB socket on the HOMAG CUBE using the supplied USB cable.
  • Plug the power supply unit of the printer into the multiple socket.


  • Charge your tablet with your power adapter.
  • Connect the tablet to the WLAN and log in to the app with your credentials.
Connection Plan

Connection Plan