Key Figures

The Key Figures view displays a bar graph showing the main usage level for each machine per time interval (hour, day, week, month) and a tachometer.

Key figures view

Key figures view

The key figure is defined as follows:

Main usage = total main usage / occupancy time

  • Occupancy time is the time in which the machine was switched on (e.g. 8 of 24 hours).
  • The main utilization overall is the time in which the machine is producing. Set-up times, waiting times, malfunctions and maintenance are not included in the main utilization.

This key figure gives you a good impression of the percentage of time your machine actually produced - in relation to the time it was supposed to produce. In the ideal case, this key figure would of course be 100%. However, since the machine has set-up times and process-related waiting times, experience shows that this 100% is not achieved.

Please note: If the machine remains switched on even though it is not used, this reduces the main usage level, as the percentage of main usage in relation to the occupancy time (switched on time) decreases. If you do not use the machine, please press "Control Power Off" on the machine.

In the view Usage, you can find out why the machine had less production time (main usage).


The speedometer once again summarizes the key figure main utilization factor for the entire period. This means the total main usage time of the last 8 days, divided by the sum of the occupancy time of the last 8 days.

When this key figure is to be evaluated as good or bad is strongly dependent on the type of machine, company and product.


By clicking on a data point/bar, a tooltip displays the time and the value at this point in time.

View key figures with details

View key figures with details