Other questions

Can I also display other key figures - apart from the main usage level?

The MMR Mobile on the smartphone is an app that focuses on the core functionality and can be operated with almost no configuration effort. If you want to evaluate other key figures, such as OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), you can use HOMAG MMR with a wider range of functions and configuration.

Can I display periods other than "last 8 hours, last 14 days, last 3 months, last year"?

The MMR Mobile on the smartphone uses fixed time intervals so that you can see the desired analysis without delay. A flexible evaluation of a period of time always requires more computing effort and therefore takes time. That's why we deliberately did without it in the app. If you want to be able to zoom in and out flexibly in and out of any period of time and want evaluations for any period of time, then you can use HOMAG MMR with a wider range of functions and configurations.

How to hide a machine?

The productionAnalyzer displays all machines to which a license is assigned. Accordingly, machines can be hidden by removing the license.

To do so, navigate to the productionAnalyzer under https://my.tapio.one in the Applications section. After a click on Machines a dialog opens in which you can adjust the allocation of licenses.