Storing of a part

Before assembling a piece of furniture, the individual parts should be systematically sorted into the storage bins according to order item/article and checked for completeness. The app supports you in this. Parts can be assigned manually in the app or by scanning the compartment barcode, e.g. with a scanner glove.

In the store view (1), all parts are listed that have the status Ready for production or In production (2). Via Filter (3) the list of parts can be filtered accordingly.

To store, scan the QR code of the component with a Bluetooth scanner or with the tablet camera (1). However, storage can also be performed manually by clicking on the Store icon (2) .

Now a dialog opens in which a compartment is suggested to you. You can confirm or change this manually in the app or via scan. Basically, the app suggests a free storage place. If a component of the furniture has already been stored, then the app suggests the same storage location for the next component.

At the same time, the corresponding LEDs of the suggested or selected shelf will light up yellow.

For efficient work with the app, the selected part can be confirmed with the scan of the next part or storage location. After 60 seconds, the selected part is automatically confirmed and stored.

If the number of parts is > 1, the desired number can be selected manually.

The list of parts to be stored (1) decreases with each stored part. As soon as all parts of a piece of furniture are completely stored, a note (2) appears in the upper right corner indicating that the article is complete.