Settings in Cut Rite

An export is necessary in the optimization software Cut Rite, which allows the SAW files to be created in a separate directory and not transferred directly to the saw.

To be able to execute the following steps, please start the Cut Rite application.
Use the menu to open the interface for creating the data transfer parameters:

Now add a new item.
Set the "Mode" entry to "Number 6" (HOLZMA/HOMAG CADmatic 3/4/5).
For the "Control" option, please select the "CADmatic 5" option.
For "ASCII or Unicode", select the setting "Unicode UTF-8" to transfer all special characters correctly.
The path for saving the file can be chosen individually.
Now save the settings.

If you want to provide an optimization for intelliOptimizer Stacking, then select the newly added entry at the "Transfer to Saw" step. The optimization will be saved as a file in SAW format in the selected path.

To see how to calculate the stack optimization, see the section add Stack Optimization.
If you have not used intelliOptimizer Stacking yet, go to the First Steps section.