Handling of offcuts

The offcuts produced during the processing in productionAssist Cutting can be labeled and registered in the materialManager for later use in intelliDivide. Already existing offcuts can be registered with the help of the materialAssist Board.

Registration of existing offcuts

Offcuts already present in the storage can be registered with the help of the materialAssist Board.

Here, the board material from which the offcut is made is selected first. Length and width are adjusted before labeling.

Registering offcuts in productionAssist Cutting

After selecting the offcut (automatically during processing or manually) in the cutting plan (1), you can click Label/confirm/register (2) to open a dialog for editing the offcut.

In this dialog you can adjust the length and width (1) if necessary.

When you click on Label & registration (3), a label with a unique number is issued and the offcut is registered for further use in materialManager. The offcut is now automatically displayed in the materialManager as part of the inventory. 

If no registration is wanted, simply click on Label & confirm (2) to print a label containing the material and the dimensions. If this is also not required, processing can be continued directly by clicking on Confirm & continue

Note: When using the materialAssist Boards, the offcut can be assigned to a storage location at this point.

View of offcuts in the materialManager

For offcuts registered in productionAssist Cutting, a new entry is automatically created within the associated material. The board code is preceded by an X and is composed of XMaterialcode-LengthxWidth.

Clicking on the input of the offcut opens the detail view. The unique number of the offcut and the creation date are displayed in the Inventory tab.

Usage of offcuts in intelliDivide

In intelliDivide, the available boards and offcuts are displayed in the Boards tab.

Depending on the settings and the stored material costs, offcuts are used preferentially during optimization in order to keep the inventory of offcuts as small as possible.

Reservation of offcuts in the materialManager

With the transfer of the optimization result to the productionAssist Cutting, the offcuts are reserved for the job (1).

This reduces the available amount (2). Thus, the offcut is no longer available for further optimizations.

The name of the processing that requires the offcut, is displayed in the Stock allocation tab.

Note: The reservation can be removed by deleting the job in productionAssist Cutting.

Usage of offcuts in the productionAssist Cutting

The offcut required for a cutting plan can be identified using the Board codes as well as the data on the label.

Note: When using the materialAssist Boards, information on the storage location is also displayed.

Once processing is started, the offcut is removed from the materialManager.

Register waste as offcut

Comparable to an offcut in a cutting plan, waste can also be registered as offcut in the materialManager if required. For this purpose, the waste piece must be selected manually.