Your digital organization for all aspects of nesting process.

This is how the procedure in the workshop works.

Before you start working with the Nesting Production Set, please activate the associated apps, produce a holder for tablet and label printer. Now you can get started!

Create optimized nesting patterns

Open the intelliDivide web app in your internet browser (we recommend the "Microsoft Edge", "Google Chrome" or "Firefox" browsers).

Import the CNC programs in MPR(X) format (woodWOP) individually or together with the matching parts list. Start the optimization in intelliDivide. The calculated results are displayed in intelliDivide. Download the calculated nesting plans and save them in the working directory of your CNC machine. 

Afterwards, send the optimization result to the productionAssist Nesting app.

Start nesting

Start the production on your CNC nesting router.

Labeling of parts

Open the productionAssist Nesting on the tablet. Select the desired job. Now the nesting plans for this job are displayed. 

Select a plan and start labeling. You can decide whether you want to print the labels for the entire plan or whether you prefer to label part by part.

By pressing the button "confirm and print label" the connected printer prints the labels. Each printed part is marked in gray in the nesting plan. Thus you can see at any time which part has already been labeled. With the label, each part is now clearly identifiable.