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intelliOptimizer Stacking offers you up to two different optimized solution variants and shows you the most important key figures for each solution variant.

  • Optimized for robot mode 
    In this optimization, as many cutting plans as possible are cut in automatic mode.
    Choose this solution if you want the machine to work without an operator for the longest possible time. The sequence of the cutting plans is optimized for the best possible stacking result in robot mode.
  • Optimized for performance
    All plans that are cut in a block can be cut in manual mode. Choose this solution if your run contains many blockss and you want to increase the output. The order of the cutting plans is optimized for the best possible stacking result in robot mode.

The most important key figures are:

  • Presence at the machine: This key figure indicates the expected operator presence time at the machine. This time is based on the time for processing the manual layouts and the time for stack changes. The more cutting plans are cut in manual mode, the higher the presence time. It is an estimation that strongly depends on the respective production conditions.
  • Cycles with manual operation: This key figure shows the number of cycles that the operator cuts on the machine in manual mode. The remaining cycles are cut in robot mode. In a cycle, one or more boards of the same cutting plan are cut by the operator.
  • Production time: This key figure indicates the expected total production time as "time in robot mode" and "time in manual mode". For the optimizations for robot mode, the total time is generally longer than for the optimizations for performance. The block cuts significantly reduce the production time in optimizations for performance.

By clicking on the corresponding solution, more details of the solution can be viewed. A detailed description of the solution presentation can be found in the intelliDivide online documentation.

After you have selected a solution, press the " Accept alternative" button to select a solution. You can then use the "Download (SAW)" button to download the SAW file for the solution and then transfer it to the saw.

The path for providing the file at the saw can be found either in the settings in Cut Rite or in the setup parameters at the saw.