Your digital organization around the cutting of panels.

This is how the procedure in the workshop works.

Explanation Video: How the cutting assistant works

  1. You start the optimization of a job in the optimization software intelliDivide Cutting and transfer the resulting cutting plans to the app productionAssist Cutting with a click.
  2. There you simply select the cutting plan that suits you at that moment and start your sawing process.
  3. When cutting the parts, productionAssist Cutting gives you a constant, precise overview of the status of the cutting plan (even with manual sawing): Which parts have already been sawn? Which part is suggested next? You print the labels for each part simply by clicking on the label printer included in the set. This makes each part clearly identifiable - at the same time, each label provides the correct processing information for the subsequent edge banders and CNC processing centers.

The result: Complete production data from the first process step.