First Steps

The serviceAssist app is available as a Classic and Advanced license.

  • serviceAssist Classic
    Includes the license for the remote diagnostics technology of the future - serviceRemote, overview of your remote diagnostics history and access to your machine documentation via the web app.
  • serviceAssist Advanced
    Suggested solutions with step-by-step instructions for specific error messages for selected machines.

Machine overview

The machine overview displays all machines registered in tapio.


The app always provides the latest documentation for all machines registered in tapio.

Suggested solutions

With the serviceAssist app, we offer our customers help to help themselves and thus the possibility to prevent machine malfunctions in many cases or to remedy them themselves.

As soon as serviceAssist detects unusual changes to the machine or a malfunction occurs, it searches for solutions.  If a solution is found, it is displayed in the app with information on the implementation time and probability of success. For this purpose, the app draws on a large pool of experience and information.

Diagnostics history

The Diagnostics history area provides an overview of all service accesses that have taken place in the past.

Spare parts history

In the spare parts history area, all orders including details are listed. You can filter by machine number or time period to identify details that have already been ordered and, if necessary, order them again directly via the "eShop" button.